Folding and inflatable sailing catamarans







Our diverse product range is designed to meet your needs and wishes for the best time.

No matter what your wish is: family vacations, fun, sports, your child’s education or an extreme expedition, you will find the best solution with Ducky catamarans!

No matter where you live: in big cities, small towns or picturesque countryside Ducky cats give you possibility to go on water everywhere.
  - at home  and while travelling
  - at rivers, lakes or at the sea.
  -  with teams or single  sailing
With Ducky you choose the style and the place!
If you have chosen Ducky:)

Mobility of inflatable catamarans

The lightweight folding designs of Ducky catamarans, including even the largest models, let them fit into several small bags!

Compact size when packed and light weight determine their main advantage – mobility. 

This feature opens up new possibilities and solves many problems faced by owners of yachts. 

Original design solutions allow you quickly assemble and disassemble our boats, without special tools. Made from modern materials by using modern technology, they are good alternatives to classic sailboats.